Dr Colin Morgan

Business Development Director, ADAS

Colin is a Business Development Director at ADAS. ADAS is a well established agricultural and environmental services consultancy owned by the UK’s largest independent environmental consultancy – RSK Group. ADAS provides ideas, specialist knowledge and solutions to secure our food and enhance the environment and has specialisms across agriculture for the production of sustainable value chains for food, fuel and fibre.

Colin works across all of sustainable agriculture and is also the lead for the ADAS Cannabis Value Chain Services Portfolio. ADAS did a landmark piece of work in cannabis as long ago as 2004 and has recently positioned itself as the leading independent organisation that can work to integrate cannabis crops for the contribution to sustainable development – based on our trusted position in the sector.

Colin has also worked for global certification bodies and global food chain programmes and combines this knowledge with the ADAS team’s extensive knowledge of agriculture to provide solutions for the legal cannabis sector in environmental consultancy, standards development, building transparent and ethical value chains, research in to higher performing crops and policy development.

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