Irin Maini

Co-founder, Flawless CBD

Irin graduated BSc Economics and Management at Manchester University in 2007, before working with KPMG Advisory and consultancy.

It didn’t take long before the entrepreneur in him came out when he setup a real estate business, Everest Properties, in Dubai.  A real estate company in UK, Veritas Estate Management soon followed in 2011, before it was sold in 2014.

Flawless vape distribution was founded in 2013, and is now one of UK’s largest distributors – selling to 6,000 stores in the UK and Europe – with offices in LA, India and Dubai.

A CBD arm to Flawless was introduced in 2018 and supplies over 2,000 stores with more than 30 international CBD brands. Finally, Irin helped to launch a CBD product line, Somnio CBD, which now sells in-store at Harrods and a number of other multiples and online platforms.

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