Skirmantas Nikstele

CEO and founder, Aurora Hemp

Skirmantas was the first to start converting organic farmers in Baltic states to farming hemp, which later led to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia becoming leaders of Europe’s hemp industry, second only to France. Skirmantas later co-founded Borela, now a global leader in hemp grain processing.

In 2018, he sold Agropro and Borela to Aurora Cannabis Inc, a Canadian global cannabis industry leader. The total value of the deal was €9,917,400.

Skirmantas is also a founder of Fiber Crop Farmers Association, dedicated to hemp growers, where he is still serving as a member of the Board. He jointly instrumented most of the changes to legal framework of hemp farming and processing in Lithuania. In 2018, he was nominated for a Council member of IFOAM EU (the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming advocates) and he is proudly representing Lithuania in the organisation since.

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